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Sheena has come into contact with a lot of great artists and organizations along the way, and here are some of her favorites! If you'd like to link to Sheena, just type in LINK to the subject margin and send her an e-mail!

Music Highway Radio
with Sheena Metal

Now Syndicated!

The nation's ONLY 100% listener requested Unsigned Music Show. 100% Top Notch Talk about being part of the music industry community. Get your music requested and be heard nationwide!

Danielle Egnew
Americana / Pop

A Multi-Award winning artist, she's of the most phenomenal singing voices in music! An
A+ songwriter, producer, and powerful live performance talent to boot.

Denise Vasquez
AAA / Pop

Positively talented and positively nice...Denise Vasquez is positively the most positive person I know in the music biz.

Nu Metal

Kick-ass Nu Metal band featuring awesome growling vocals that come from the vocal chords of the smallest Asian girl I've ever seen.
Music Highway
Sheena's support group for musicians

Your in-the-know source for FREE industry contacts, FREE bookings in great L.A. clubs, FREE industry advice, FREE press and CD reviews and FREE discounts. Music Highway, where you pave your own road to success!!!

LA Songwriter's Network

A great networking organization for singer/songwriter run by the very talented Jimi Yamagishi.

The G-Man

Moody, Broody, Fun and Funky, Techno-Electronica, Euro-Pop, Dancy-Alternative-New-Wave Policical Rock. I love this guy and not just because he wrote a song about me.

Los Angeles Music Productions

A full-service organization for musicians featuring classes, workshops, seminars and so much more. Leslie Waller has truly out done herself with this one.

Voice Mechanic
Sean Lee

Sean Lee is an amazing voice teacher. He won't just teach you how to sing...he'll teach you how to screech, growl, belt and vocally shred!

Detachable Pianist
AAA / Pop

All the soul of Lilith Faire and none of the pretention... Detachable Pianist is lilting, gutsy vocals over both piano and guitar!

Blues Buffet Band

Buff boys belting the blues. Who could ask for more?

Bradford Shaw
AAA / Pop

I just heard Brad play live and what a great surprise. He's got some awesome songs and a great voice. Check it out.

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